The various facets of transportation industry

Transportation is an essential part of a logistics operation, where good are transported from their origin to destination. Modern means of transportation are built across speed, technology, safety, and reliability are greatly dependent on technologies.


Global Positioning System

An absolute necessity of transportation industry is to able to track vehicles in their fleet in real- time, give route related directions to driver, carry remote diagnostic on the vehicles, and analyzing data generated by the system for business benefits.


Cloud Computing

Storing, managing, and processing the insane amount of data generated by the various sen- sors and actuators connected to a vehicle inc- luding on-board OBD and GPS devices needs auxiliary computing power and available storage, which only the cloud can deliver.


Mobility Solution

The advent of smartphones has made people expect too much from their handheld devices to the point this tendency has become a nece- ssity. Mobile apps bring various benefits to drivers, clients and fleet handlers and make their life easier.

Software solutions that shape the transportation industry

Technology plays a central role in modern transportation industry from easing operation, tracking fleets to generating actionable insights, performance reports.


On demand Private Car/ Taxi

The on-demand taxi and dispatch system has taken the transportation industry by storm. People, in major cities, have almost have given up on the idea of hailing a taxi. Now, they take their phone, open the app and tap ‘Book Now’.


Fleet Management Systems

With the emergence of electronic commerce, the logistics industry has gone awry and the majority of this burden is being carried by shipping companies that are managing larger fleets than they have resource and technology to.


School Bus Tracking Solution

Owing to rising cases of mass shooting at school and universities, parents wants to keep an eye on their wards from the time they leave home for school or college and return. That means, there school bus must be trackable by a parent too.


Taxi Aggregation platform

The unparalleled success of Uber and Lyft has encouraged many startups to build a similar business model with mixed success. However, with our Whitelabel taxi solution comes with a suite of booking apps and driver’s app.


Analytics and Big Data

The vast amount of data generated by a vehicle booking and tracking systems is processed by analytics software than returns interesting insights about your business, where things are going down, where there is a room for improvement.

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